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Top 10 Most Expensive Cigars In The World

Fermented and dried tobacco leaf construct cigars, which produce smoke when ignited. Cigars are the gift from Cuba. Since nicotine is present in cigars, individuals get addicted to it quite easily.

Indeed, just somebody who has felt the bliss of smoking; only the correct cigar would comprehend this. Selection of quality cigars is one of the most challenging tasks in this continuously changing world. So it turns out to be imperative to know which cigar is the best one for a person to comprehend the significance of decent cigar awareness.

Concerning the brands of cigars, the first question arises is that what is the most expensive cigar across the globe? The answer to this question would be Mayan Sicars. As per the saying, “There are no bad cigars, only better ones”; it is prominent that cigar addicts love to try every cigar regardless of its price. Considering the quality of cigars, following list will demonstrate the most expensive cigars of 2017.

10. Goldwin Louixs (Worth $50 per cigar)

Goldwin Louixs

Louixs Cigar by Goldwin is the production of Goldwin Metropolitan Company at the cost of $50 per cigar. Its size is the best feature it owns, which is six inches long.  Rosado wrappers cover these six inched rings, which makes them look more presentable. They express royalty due to the fact that they have a portrait of Louis XIV on their packing.  They lie in the category of top 10 most expensive Cuban cigars.

9. Arturo Fuente’s Opus X BBMF (Worth $55 per cigar)

Arturo Fuente’s Opus X BBMF

With a much more amazing size of seven inches, Opus X BBMF is somewhat hard to procure. Arturo Fuente is the manufacturer of this brand, who is a standout amongst the most prestigious stogie producers across the globe.

This cigar carries huge fan following because of its eminent maker. Furthermore, worth mentioning size and prize of Opus makes it one of the most expensive cigars on the planet.

8. Arturo Fuente’s Fuente Don Arturo AniverXario (Worth $7,500 per box)

Arturo Fuente’s Fuente Don Arturo AniverXario

Fuente Don Arturo AniverXario cigars represent history. A box contains 92 cigars collectively worth $7,500. Out of which; half of 92 cigars arrive with natural wrappers and the other half Maduro wrappers. Chateau de la Fuente is an origin of these cigars back in 1912. These most expensive cigars appear in numerous assortments.

7. Opus X “A” By Arturo Fuente (Worth $79 per cigar)

Opus X “A” By Arturo Fuente

This collection of cigars is one of the oddest throughout the market. It is 9.2 inches long while its ring occupies 43 inches. The single stick of Arturo Fuente Opus “An” is sold at limited cigar shops around the world. It can likewise be acquired from a couple of online vendors. With a one of a kind jalapenos flavor, it owns a case with cigars wrapped in ribbon, which peruses “The Fuente Story“.

6. Cohiba Behike (Worth $18,800 per box)

Cohiba Behike

The size of Cohiba Behike is 7.5 inches in length with the 52-inch ring size. The first production of this cigar delivered the quantity of 100 stories in the year 2006. Arrangements are in progress to discharge diverse brands of a similar stogie that will retail at less expensive costs. Currently, it falls in the list of most expensive cigars of 2017.

5. His Majesty’s Reserve By Gurkha (Worth $750 per cigar)

His Majesty’s Reserve By Gurkha

Gurkha Mark or “Moves Royce” is one of the renowned businesses of cigars. According to the famous saying, everything worth includes some significant pitfalls. His Majesty’s Reserve, however not the most costly on the planet, accompanies quite a while of holding up from Gurkha mark. Every year produces just a bunch of 100 boxes of it, resulting in its high demands.

Its size of 7.5×52 inch, a 12 years fastener from the Dominican Republic, a Louis XIII cognac mixed filler, and lastly 15 years of the ancient wrapper from Connecticut Maduro amplifies its significance. In spite of the fact that a single cigar box is cognac mixed, the cigar acts as a gentle entity. Being the most expensive cigars, its container is estimated $14,999 a case.

4. Gurkha Black Dragon (Worth $23,000 per box)

Gurkha Black Dragon


Black Dragon is the most expensive cigar due to some noteworthy qualities. First of all, the crate itself is created from the carved camel bone. The wrapper of the cigar is from Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, its binder is Dominican with the binder from Cameroon.  One of the world’s most expensive cigar Black Dragon measures 8.5 inches length and ring size up to 52 inches long. It has a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavor along with the stylish packaging of individually iced tubes arranged in the leather boxes.

3. Royal Danish Cigars’ King of Denmark (Worth $4500 per cigar)

 Royal Danish Cigars’ King of Denmark

It has a worth of $4500. King of Denmark by Danish Cigars would make you feel like an uncommon one, like no other cigars. On the off chance that one joins the expressions customization and cigars, and then one gets the King of Denmark Royal Danish Cigars. A distinctive feature of it enables an individual to combine their name on a gold thwart wrapped around it. Any form of customization can be requested either printing the names or including a precious stone or silver crown for an additional 4500 dollars on the cigar that a person arranges. These exclusive features make it one of the most expensive cigars.

2. Gran Habano no. 5 “El Gigante” From Cigars Direct (Worth $185,000 per cigar)

 Gran Habano no. 5 “El Gigante” From Cigars Direct

1,600 pounds of tobacco produce Gran Habano with a 1,920 ring gauge. The extremely large size of it makes it the biggest on the planet. It was initially designed as a showpiece and later was transformed to the original stogie worth $185,000. Its case has a wooden covering with 1600 pounds making it tremendously presentable. It was big to the point that 40 individuals could smoke it at the same time. It is, therefore, the second most expensive cigars worldwide.

1. Tampa University Scientists’ Mayan Sicars Unearthed (Worth $507,000 for 800 cigars)

Tampa University Scientists’ Mayan Sicars Unearthed

The Mayan Sicars top the list with acquiring the 1st position in the list of the most expensive cigars in the world in 2017. They were found in the year 2012 in Guatemala. The archaeologists from Tampa University presented the world’s most expensive cigars. Furthermore, they helped in preserving these sicars (the pot made of clays) in the best of conditions. Gary Liotta purchased the intact collection of these from Cigar Auctioneer website at $507,000.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cigars In The World

1Tampa University Scientists’ Mayan Sicars Unearthed
2Gran Habano no. 5 “El Gigante” From Cigars Direct
3Royal Danish Cigars’ King of Denmark
4Gurkha Black Dragon
5His Majesty’s Reserve By Gurkha
6Cohiba Behike
7Opus X “A” By Arturo Fuente
8Arturo Fuente’s Fuente Don Arturo AniverXario
9Arturo Fuente’s Opus X BBMF
10Goldwin Louixs
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