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Tolkien estate, Warner Bros. settle ‘Hobbit’ lawsuit


Tolkien estate, Warner Bros. settle ‘Hobbit’ lawsuit
Tolkien estate, Warner Bros. settle ‘Hobbit’ lawsuit

A man walking on the wall, hanging from the big grill surrounded by the characters of J. R. R. Tolkien, from the Hobbit movie of Wellington. November 27, 2012 (REUTERS / Mark Coote)

Torquay Legacy and Book Publishers Harper Collins and New Warner Inc., New Line Cinema and Saul Zaentz Co, respectively, presented in Los Angeles on Friday of the court.

Also, resolves the counterclaim of Warner Bros and Zaentz. The terms are not disclosed.

Warner Brothers spokesman Paul McGuire said in a statement Monday: “Both sides are satisfied that they can resolve the friendly issue and look forward to the future to work together.”

Tolkien real estate attorney Bonnie Eskenazi and a unit of News Corp. HarperCollins provided almost the same statement.

Tolkien’s legacy accused the defendant of violating a 1969 agreement that allowed the sale of “tangible” goods that would be tied to the “moral (very non-literary) world of online gambling.”

He said that “fans of Tolkien fans”, and irreparably damaged the legacy of the British writer, died in 1973, 81 years of age.

The copyright litigation was filed in November 2012.

According to data from the Mojo Box Office, each of the “global totals” released from the “Grand Horn” trio of “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” (2012 to 2014) released from 2001 to 2003 $ 2.9 billion The here)

This case is Fourth Age Ltd et al., Warner Bros. Digital Distribution et al., District Court, Central District, California, No. 12-09912.

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