Top 10 Richest People In Chile 2017

Top 10 Richest People In Chile 2017

#1 Iris Fontbona

Iris Fontbona

Iris Fontbona net worth is $13.7 Billion

She is a business woman in Chile. According to Forbes, Iris Fontbona net worth in March 2017 to reach $13.7 Billion, and the first richest person in Chile. She got this fortune by marrying Andronico Luksic, and Andronicus Luksic established Antofagasta among the world’s largest copper miners. Fontbonne has three children with Luksic, several of whom are involved in the company; She operates in Antiquist in Chile. When she was married half a day later, the famous businessman Antonio Antonio Lucks Sbarro (AntioioAndrónicoLuksic Abaroa), she initially entered the public. When they get married, they get a lot of attention because Fontbonne is only 18 years old. Then, when his other half died in 2005, she became a large number of suppliers as well as a billionaire and left his business Quinenco, as well as their children. It is said that Luksic has started operations in the world’s most eye-catching copper companies, but also invests in mining, monetary efforts, industrial and beverage industries. At the time of his death, Lukasik was the richest man in Chile and the fourth highest in Latin America, and the United States, apart from the world’s 132nd richest man. Over the past nine years, Fontbonne has helped the business in addition to helping her teenagers. She continues to operate the service industry in Chile. Fontbona and her late husband have three boys Jean-Paul, Andronico and Guillermo. Guillermo left lung cancer cells in 2013, allowing his son Nicholas to take over the chief executive officer of Quinenco. I have held a title in the past two years.

#2 Horst Paulmann

Horst Paulmann

Horst Paulmann net worth is $4.7 Billion

He is an entrepreneur. According to Forbes, Horst Paulmann net worth in March 2017 to reach $4.7 Billion, and the second richest person in Chile. In Germany, he moved to Chile after the Second World War. I have appeared in a large retail area. He opened his first supermarket in the mid-1970s, Jumbo Hypermarkets. Since then, the first store has grown to more than 600 grocery stores, expanded to Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil. As such, he also introduced Cencosud, a holding company that dominates supermarket interests, in addition to insurance teams, shops, shopping malls, entertainment centers and travel agencies. His family members account for 63% of Cencosud, and his young people are members of the board. Cencosud is currently building Costanera. Upon completion, this building will certainly be the highest in San Diego. He has recently encountered the troubles of the Chilean federal government, allegedly claiming that they provided earthquake relief, and then sold the goods to the Chilean federal government, rather than donating the goods.

#3 Julio Ponce Lerou

Julio Ponce Lerou

Julio Ponce Lerou net worth is $3.1 Billion

He is Chile’s billionaire, is a major shareholder of Ski Mickey. According to Forbes, Julio Ponce Lerou net worth in March 2017 to reach $3.1 Billion, and the third richest person in Chile. Augusto Pinochet is a former daughter-in-law.

#4 Patricia Matte

Patricia Matte

Patricia Matte net worth is $2.8 Billion

She is a Chilean sociologist and also a billionaire, an important shareholder of the Chilean forestry and paper business CMPC, started by her father. According to Forbes, Patricia Matte net worth in March 2017 to reach $2.8 Billion, and the fourth richest person in Chile.

#5 Eliodoro Matte

Eliodoro Matte

Eliodoro Matte net worth is $2.8 Billion

Eliodoro Matte is a Chilean owner. According to Forbes, Eliodoro Matte net worth in March 2017 to reach $2.8 Billion, and the fifth richest person in Chile. He is best known as the president and investor of CMPC, the largest pulp and paper manufacturer in Chile. Together with his 2 billionaire brothers and sisters, he inherited the shares Elidoro Matte Ossa, who had established his business. Eliodoro Matte served as the five CEOs of Grupo CMPC, and since 2011 he has evolved from the article, controlling the leadership of the holding company Empresas CMPC. Matte brothers are also at risk in other Telecommunications, And shipping companies. Due to the downtrend in CMPC supply, Matte dropped significantly by $ 1.2 billion by 2015. As the business relies heavily on trade with China as a merchant business, and growth has actually slowed down, depression is inevitable.

#6 Bernardo Matte

Bernardo Matte

Bernardo Matte net worth is $2.8 Billion

Bernese MatteLarraín is an entrepreneur of Chilean billionaire, an important shareholder of Chilean forestry, and CMPC, a paper company founded by his father. According to Forbes, Bernardo Matte net worth in March 2017 to reach $2.8 Billion, and the sixth richest person in Chile. He is chairman of ColbúnS.A., Chile’s third largest cosmetic producer.

#7 Sebastian Pinera

Sebastian Pinera

Sebastian Pinera net worth is $2.7 Billion

He is the former President of Chile. Sebastian Pinera was President of Chile between 2010 and 2014. According to Forbes, Sebastian Pinera net worth in March 2017 to reach $2.7 Billion, and the seventh richest person in Chile.

#8 Alvaro Saieh Bendeck

Alvaro Saieh Bendeck

Alvaro Saieh Bendeck net worth is $2.5 Billion

He is a Chilean economist and businessman. According to Forbes, Alvaro Saieh Bendeck net worth in March 2017 to reach $2.5 Billion, and the eighth richest person in Chile. Since 1996 he has been the first vice president of Corpbanca S.A., one of Chile’s largest private financial institutions. He has served as general director of Copesa, the media empire, and is the head of state of the group of companies S.A. He holds a Ph.D. In the business economy of the University of Chicago, began to participate in the Chilean fiscal and early real estate market. As Claudia Labbe Montevecchi, Corpbanca’s director of financial relations, Alvaro Saieh Bendeck actually raised about $ 2.6 billion through the risks of retailers, the media, real estate and insurance companies. Your SMU retail system is just one of them. In addition to the huge increase on the organization’s planet, he is also a 5-year-old partner and father.

#9 Luis Enrique Yarur Rey

Luis Enrique Yarur Rey

He is a Chilean businessman. According to Forbes, Luis Enrique Yarur Rey net worth in March 2017 to reach $2.5 Billion, and the ninth richest person in Chile. It had the net equity of the 42% stake in Empresas Juan Yarur S.A.C, the holding company. (Which is vibrant in food, banking, and insurance), Luis Enrique Yarur Rey entered the multi-million dollar region for the first time this year. It has a 54% stake in Chile’s leading bank, Banco de Crédito Inversiones (BCI), which it inherited from its uncle Jorge Yarur Banna. In addition to being a major shareholder of BCI, Mr. Lei served as CEO of BCI for eleven years and eventually served as President in October 1991.

#10 Roberto Angelini Rossi

Roberto Angelini Rossi

Luis Enrique Yarur Rey net worth is $1.9 Billion

He is a Chilean millionaire. According to Forbes, Luis Enrique Yarur Rey net worth in March 2017 to reach $1.9 Billion, and the tenth richest person in Chile. Roberto Angelini Rossi is a graduate of the Department of Commercial Civil Engineering at the University of Chile in Chile. He began his professional career at Lever Chile SA in 1976 where he continued to work in a fishing plant engineer in Alica, in northern Chile, where he began his career with his former billionaire Angelina Group Anacleto Angelini. Prior to that, he served as Executive Director And director before serving as a current board member. As the owner’s nephew, Angelini Rossi is currently in the family members business occupies most of the family members. The Angelini Group has made several financial investments for the listed companies Antarchile, Siegel, and Opera, including fishing, mining, copper, wood and natural gas. Increasing participation in Chile, Rossi also in the leadership group abroad, and the Stora Enna Scandinavian paper mill in 2009 reached an agreement in Uruguay to establish the eucalyptus pulp mill. Angelini Group continued to expand, at the end of 2010, was $ 45 million Colombian natural gas acquisition and fuel supplier Proenergia 59% risk. In addition, Roberto Angelini Rossi is the executive director of Empresas Copec S.A., the leading forestry sector in Chile, and one of the largest companies in the world. Most of the company is active in the forestry sector with Arauco (Cellulose Arauco and Constitución), however, it enters the electricity sector through EmpresaEléctricaGuacolda and is mined through Sociedad Minera Isla Riesco and Minera Can-Can. But it also has the largest production, sales, and forestry assets in South America and finances investments in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Forbes millionaire is one of the richest people in Chile in 2012, married to four children.

Top 10 Richest People In chile 2017

#NameNet WorthSource
1Iris Fontbona$13.7 Billionmining
2Horst Paulmann$4.7 Billionretail
3Julio Ponce Lerou$3.1 Billionfertilizer
4Patricia Matte$2.8 Billionpaper
5Eliodoro Matte$2.8 Billionpaper
6Bernardo Matte$2.8 Billionpaper
7Sebastian Piñera$2.7 Billioninvestments
8Alvaro Saieh Bendeck$2.5 Billionbanking
9Luis Enrique Yarur Rey$1.9 Billionbanking
10Roberto Angelini Rossi$1.7 Billionforestry, mining

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