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Mitchell Hurwitz Net Worth

Mitchell Hurwitz Net Worth

Mitchell Hurwitz Net Worth is $15 Million

Mitchell Hurwitz Net Worth: Mitchell Hurwitz is a screenwriter, television producer, television director, actor. Mitchell Hurwitz was born 29-May-63 in Anaheim, CA. According to Forbes, Mitchell Hurwitz Net Worth is $15 Million. Creator of the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful comedy Arrested Development that was bailed out by Netflix. He co-created The Ellen Show and also worked on The Golden Girls and The John Larroquette Show, as well as many other sitcoms. He ran a chocolate-chip cookie shop called the Chipyard with his father and older brother. His show made a big comeback in 2013. It was announced that film star and cast member Michael Cera would join Arrested Development Season 4 on Netflix not just as an actor, but also as a writer.

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