Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth

mackenzie bezos net worth

Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth 2019 – MacKenzie Bezos is an American journalist and novelist and wife of the founder of the, Jeff Bezos. MacKenzie Bezos was born on April 7, 1970, in MacKenzie S Tuttle, San Francisco, California. Her father is a financial planner and her mother is a housewife. She graduated from Hotchkiss High School in Connecticut and graduated in 1988.

She was fortunate to have an English degree under the direction of the famous writer and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, and she continued her training and research after graduating from college.

Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth 2019 is $45.7 Billion

  • Birthday: April 7, 1970
  • Born In: San Francisco, California, United States
  • City, States, Provinces & Districts: California
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Novelists Journalists
  • Sun Sign: Aries
  • Age: 48 Years, 48-Year-Old Females
  • Famous As: Novelist, Journalist
  • Education: Princeton University
  • Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth 2019: $45.7 Billion
  • Height: 1.72 M
  • Spouse/Ex-: Jeff Bezos (M. 1993)

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as of January 10, 2019, Jeff Bezos’s Worth in 2019 $137 Billion (about £107.3 Billion). He’s worth $43.5 Billion more than Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the next richest man on the list. However, after the divorce processes with Mackenzie, Jeff Bezos can see his net worth drop sharply.

Mackenzie and Jeff Bezos are like two mutually attracted poles. He is an extrovert, and she would rather have a quiet night. They have four children and are known as one of the few richest couples who are happy to marry and content with what they have. Jeff Bezos is the founder of the world-famous Amazon Billionaire, but his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, is also known as the award-winning author.

According to CNN, Mackenzie Bezos will receive half of her husband’s property, which means her worth may reach $69 Billion. This is because when families live in Washington, they are subject to the state’s district property law, which means that “the assets acquired during the marriage must be evenly distributed during divorce”. Given that Amazon was launched in 1994 after they got married, Jeff’s subsequent profits were on the table.
If the couple divorced in Washington and their wealth distribution was equal, Bloomberg claimed that MacKenzie would be “the richest woman with a net worth of $69 Billion.”

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, MacKenzie Bezos Net Worth 2019 is $45.7 Billion (approximately £35.75 Billion) as of January 10, 2019.

Marketwatch claims that this will make her “26 times richer than Oprah Winfrey, a hundred times richer than the Queen of England.”

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