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Jimmy Iovine Net Worth

Jimmy Iovine Net Worth

Jimmy Iovine Net Worth: Jimmy Iovine became internationally renowned president of Interscope-Geffen-A & M. He is also co-founder of Beats By Dre, Beats By Dre is Apple’s 30-30 million acquisition of music electronics company. Jimmy Iovine is a Music Producer, Entrepreneur, CEO. According to Forbes, Jimmy Iovine Net Worth in May 2017 reached $950 Million. He owned 25 percent of the company, so they received $750 million in taxes (about $580 million). One of the main reasons Apple’s first acquisition was to use Jimmy as an executive in future music and video licensing negotiations to help them navigate the media. Jimmy Iovine began as a recording engineer in the music industry, but his interest was always in the area of music production. For Iovine, this interest in the mid 70’s with his contact with the artist has been fruitful. Jimmy Iovine has helped artists like Tom Petty and Sade, U2 Steve Nicks, Simple Thoughts, Straits Times, Patti Smith and other artists. The impressive list of customers makes it famous, over time, new customers. In 1990, Iovine co-founded Interscope Records, becoming Interscope-Geffen-A & M. Jimmy Iovine was elected president, served in 2001. Jimmy Iovine Net Worth is $950 MILLION. He has helped Eminem begin his career and is currently working with professional basketball superstar LeBron James TV documentaries, A guest judge on American Idol.

Jimmy Iovine Net Worth is $950 MILLION

Full NameJames Iovine
Date of BirthMarch 11, 1953
ProfessionMusic Producer, Entrepreneur, CEO
Date of Birth placeBrooklyn, New York
Marital StatusDivorced (Vicki Iovine)
Source of IncomeMusic, Interscope-Geffen-A&M
Jimmy Iovine Net Worth$950 Million
Star SignPisces
Claim to FameInterscope Records
Year(s) Active1973–present
Family MemberJaime Iovine (son)


Jimmy Iovine began his career as a recording engineer in the music industry and was hired in 1973 at the famous recording studio in New York. Jimmy Iovine Net Worth is $950 MILLION. Jimmy Iovine works with a number of major artists, including John Lennon.

Production Breakthrough

In the late seventies, he began to pursue the interest in production. His breakthrough was the producer of Patrick Smith’s Easter album in 1978. Jimmy Iovine helped persuade Bruce Springsteen to record his song “Because of the Night.” Become the first pop singles by Patty Smith.

In 1979, he produced the “torpedo”, which was Tom Petty and Heartbreakers on the first three albums. In 1981, he produced the first album of Bella Donna.

Their relationship is personal and professional, continue with Steve Nick’s next album “Ambition.” It is said that their song “Straight Back” works on the Fleetwood Mac album “Mirage” to deal with their relationship. In the mid-eighties, he was one of the most respected producers of pop music in the world of music.

Also featuring U2 under his revolutionary EP, under the blood red sky, his milestones include the movie “Horror Strait” and “Camouflage Close”, including his ten pop songs “Don’t Get Me Wrong.”

Interscope Records

In 1990, he demonstrated the cooperation between Interscope Records and Ted Field in another stage of the music industry, inheriting the wealth of the Marshall Field department store. They hired record companies from the Atlantic, and the labels were almost immediately successful. Collaboration with new artists such as Gerardo, Mark Marky, and Funky Bunch highlighted Interscope’s first year in business. He also distributes death records through investment funds in the hip-hop world. This helps to introduce the career of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and Tupac Shakur.

When Eminem’s demo tape was sent to Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine accepted the credit, and then signed the contract for the young rapper. Jimmy Iovine co-produced “8 Miles” for Eminem, including the Oscar-winning “Lost Me” song. Thanks to the success of Interscope, Jimmy Iovine reduced his productivity and focused on becoming an interpreter in the music industry. He said in an interview that he did not lose production. He believes that the executive, commercial and television world is a bigger opportunity.

While some people criticized for participating in rogue accordion performances, Interscope continued to flourish and today is one of the most successful labels in the popular music industry. It is the flagship record of the Interscope group of Universal, made up of Interscope, A & M and Geffen.

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