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6 Expensive Facial Treatments From Spas Around The World

xpensive Facial Treatments

Expensive health treatments aren’t new after all, Cleopatra used to bathe in ass’s milk. However, these six have a very modern twist and are notable for their expense and in some cases their bizarreness.

01- Bee Venom

While you likely wouldn’t pay high dollar to be stung by a bunch of bees, some people do pay for facials that utilize a diluted bee venom. The main tool in this facial is a natural mask made from manuka honey, lavender oil, and bee venom. This also happens to be among the most expensive facials in the world with a hefty price tag of more than $55,000. The bee venom facial took the spotlight after receiving praise from famous actor Kate Middleton. You could save a few bob and just check out the tips on the well known Proactiv site many looks for advice from.

02- UMO 24-Carat Gold

If bee venom isn’t your thing, then how about 24-carat gold? This is a unique facial treatment that is currently only offered in London at The Beauty Clinic. It begins with a Gamma PGA massage that hydrates the skin. Following the PGA there are several sheets of 24-carat gold laid over the face. The sheets of gold remain in the face during a relaxing massage. Afterwards, the sheets are discarded. It is said that this facial treatment can remove toxins in the body, eliminate wrinkles, and boost skin cell production.

03 – Vampire

The vampire facial isn’t for those with a weak constitution. As the name implies, its main ingredient is human blood. The blood is removed from the patient and then injected back into the face to promote a colorful, youthful appearance. You may have heard of this facial after it was publicly promoted by Kim Kardashian. A single facial with human blood is going to cost you more than $1,100. It’s certainly not as expensive as some of the facials on this list, but still, costs more than the average monthly house payment.

04 – The Grand Luxe

Facials aren’t notoriously long procedures. Unless you’re talking about the Grand Luxe facial, which is offered exclusively in San Francisco at Spa Radiance. It lasts for a total of three hours and you’ll be receiving a professional massage for the entire time. While receiving that message you’ll also experience a multi-part facial treatment. The first phase involves a diamond peel on for exfoliation and a microcurrent to provide a non-invasive facelift. The second stage involves a facial mask made with amino acids and caviar. Finally, the third stage utilizes LED light therapy to eliminate fine lines and signs of aging. And remember, you’re receiving a full-body massage for the entire time.

05 – Raphael Oxy Star Anti-Pigmentation Treatment

You’ll only find this facial treatment available at the Palace Spa located in Switzerland in the city of Gstaad. In total, the treatment lasts for between 50 minutes to an hour. It uses a combination of various L. Raphael oxygen products and services. Some of those services include an Oxy Peel Perfection Elixir, an Oxy Anti-Aging treatment, an Anti-Cellulite treatment, and a tightening body treatment. You may already be familiar with some of the products as L. Raphael is a well-known supplier of high-quality skin care products and facial treatments. The treatments utilize a combination of proprietary products and cutting-edge technology. And surprisingly, this is one of the cheapest facial treatments on the list at barely more than $1,000.

06 – 20 Hands Couple Massage

Not exactly a facial, but an expensive spa treatment that was worthy of this list. The 20-hands couple massage relies on the combined efforts of 10 massage therapists. The idea is that the body is unable to focus on a single location where being touch, which causes the brain to become more relaxed.

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