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Anupam Kher said he thought Hollywood’s “serious illness” was an opportunity to work with Woody Allen and Robert De Niro to expand their position as an actor.

With Michael Showalter protagonist, “serious illness” is the real story of the comedian Kumail Nanjiani, not only has the protagonist but also with his wife Emily Gordon photo.

“I really like this idea, although I’ve never seen his work, I immediately feel hot with Kumar South and, when I know I want to work with American legend Holly Hunt and Ray Romano I thought there was an Anu Mu said: I had the opportunity to Expand my horizons as an actor, working with Woody Allen, Ann Lee, Robert De Niro and others.

Anupam was very pleased to note.

“Suffering is a very important film, it speaks of racism, xenophobia, cultural isolation and suspicion of Muslims and mistrust, enthusiasm and laughter to deal with such a serious problem that I like.

The father of South Asia is interested in the actor, Anupam plays the role of Nancy’s father.

“Kumble asked his father, he intended to hit him, apparently Kumble’s father said that my name did not have a second idea, but Kumble did not know how to contact me, no time, filming was about to To get lucky through my family

While listening to how they were willing to play a role, Anupam personally played in Nanjing.

“I knocked Kumail to tell him that it was Anupam Kher, he said ‘ok’ to hang up, he felt it was a crank, I called him again, this time I told him, I actually provided my service, not confirmation of time.

The big moment for Kumail Father is when he visits the shoot to meet Anupam.

“Just before we finished two days ago since Kumail’s father wanted to play with him, it was important for us to know that it was a very emotional moment.

Interestingly, Kumail only made the request.

“My father had one, and Kemi Lyle wanted me to grow a French beard and I was glad to see him.

Once on the train, Kyle flew to the United States, only in the case of unauthorized shots.

“I have a problem with my work permit, and in the 27 films I have not been trapped in the six New York movies, we almost thought that I could not do that, but the license had already taken place.

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