After three weeks, "Get Out" at the box office crossed $100 Million

After three weeks, “Get Out” at the box office crossed $100 Million

The giant monster movie opened an estimated $61 million at the national box office. It was not enough to beat Logan $88.4 million to start last week – so far the highest in 2017, but allowed Kong: Skeleton Island to finish in the first weekend.

Warner Brothers moved so far in good shape. Although its internal start is not enough to cover half of the reported $ 185 million budget, current estimates outside the United States show that Kong’s weekend was $81.6 million.

This is an open weekend of $4.2 million in 65 markets – a list, especially not including China. March 24 was inaugurated there, with the support of Tencent Pictures, which is a young Chinese producer, in 2016 with Warcraft.

Duncan Jones directed the adaptation of video games did not land in the United States – only $ 47.4 million in the country, but completed the drama to run, the world total of $ 433.7 million. China represents $ 220.8 million for this figure.

The lack of contact with the “World of Warcraft” attraction, “World of Warcraft” in China still has a significant audience, but it is the second box office of Hollywood Tencent. The company has invested a lot of recreational activities outside China, where some of the valuable things are clearly seen.

Knock down to the second week of the release was Logan, estimated at $ 37.9 million. Fox produced the break-up of “X-Men” – and should be Hugh Jackman as the last appearance of Wolverine – because he is firmly committed to a story about an R-class superhero, received a warm evaluation and a label opening The

Two weeks after the theater, Logan’s total revenue in the United States was $157.2 million, at $ 191 million at the foreign box office. This is a success. Logan is already the fourth highest movie ever in X-Men’s history – a universe that now also includes Deadpool – and is likely to break the top five (X-Men movies) before total box office receipts from its final execution.

Then it’s coming out. Once again, the director of Jordan Pierre was one of the fascinating stories of the box office for the first time this week. Last week, “Going Out” fell to second place – behind Logan’s opening – but the lowest number of visitors in the first two weeks fell 22%.

Now in the third week, there is a very similar story. The exit is in the third position, behind Kong and Logan, but has released a significant internal estimate of 21.1 million dollars. Most notable is that this figure represents a decrease of 25% from last week, which is the unusually low recently released.

The audience returns to the theater to repeat the clock, or word of mouth still persuades the first time the person is caught at work when possible. Both can be true.

Whatever the reason, the export budget is $ 4.5 million and now reaches $ 111.1 million in the country at the end of its third weekend. There is the Shadow of the Blair Witch project; Buzzing the 1999 horror of the lens, turning the budget from $ 60,000 to $ 145 million in the country.

Blair Wizards managed to take advantage of the general unknown fear in the world before September 11, and Get Out won a story based on questions that explore encrusted racism. Peele, her favorite provocation with Keegan-Michael Key at Key & Peele in the comedy center, culminated in the incredible story of the incredible story of Getting Out.

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